We specialize in all types of footwear from classic to sportswear, industrial safety shoes is the main item in the range with an excellent combination of technical and dynamic performance.


ANILINAIDRO: Calf skin full grain, aniline finish, waterproof, Goretex, thickness 1,8/2,0mm
BOX: Buffed bovine, pliable, waterproof, thickness 1,8/2,0mm
CRAZY: Buffed calf skin, soft Nabuk, oiled, waterproof, thickness 1,8/2,0mm
FULL: Buffed bovine, soft feel, waterproof, thickness 1,8/2,0mm
PEGASO: Full grain bovine, embossed dollar print, waterproof, thickness 1,8/2,0mm
TEXAS: Buffed calf Nabuk, dressed with hot waxes and oils, pull up effect, waterproof, thickness 1,8/2,0mm


CAMOBRUSH: Buffed bovine, brush off effect, digital print, thickness 1,0/1,2mm
CONFORT: Soft calf skin, full grain, dry milled, natural grain, thickness 1,6/1,8mm
LADY: Full grain calf, aniline finish, thickness 1,3/1,5mm
LUXOR: Buffed bovine, shiny finish, thickness 1,0/1,2mm
MAINE: Bovetto full grain, soft finish, dry milled natural grain, thickness 1,8/2,0mm
REGATA: Buffed calf skin, brush off effect, thickness 1,0/1,2mm
VICTORY: Bovetto soft, full grain, hair cell print, thickness 1,6/1,8mm
VIENNA: Buffed calf skin, firm to the touch, gummed effect, thickness 1,0/1,2mm