Leather items

We can produce a vast range of skins and crusts for handbags, large travelling bags and small leather items like keyrings and wallets. The skins are worked to enhance rigidity and firmness or to highlight softness and lightness according to their use.

BLOOM: Bovetto soft, full grain, grained effect print, thickness 1,6/1,8mm
CUOIETTO: Bovine crust with finishing, flower print, thickness 1,8/2,0mm
DARWIN: Calf skin full grain, full feel, gummed effect, thickness 1,3/1,5mm
DAYTONA: Bovine crust, principe print, thickness 1,4/1,6mm
LADY: Calf skin full grain, aniline finish, thickness 1,3/1,5mm
PAGLIA: Bovine crust with finishing, straw print, thickness 1,4/1,6mm
ROMA: Bovine crust with finishing, natural grain print, thickness 1,4/1,6mm
SAFIANO: Bovine crust with finishing, safiano print, thickness 1,4/1,6mm
SIRENA: Calf skin full grain, dry milled, smooth, thickness 0,9/1,0mm
SOFT: Very soft bovine, dry milled, natural grain, thickness 1,3/1,4mm
VANITY: Very soft calfskin, full grain, thickness 1,4/1,6mm
VERONA: Calfskin, full grain, soft print, thickness 1,2/1,3mm
VICTORY: Bovetto soft, full grain, flower print, thickness 1,6/1,8mm