Personal data protection code

Dear Sir/Madam,
The decree 196/2003 introduced a personal data protection code. In compliance with this decree, our company treatment of personal data is imprinted on principles of honesty, legality and transparence to safeguard the rights of our clients.
The personal details that we ask you furnish us (as shown on the form to be filled in) will be treated by our company, with the objective of collecting the necessary data to meet your requests as listed on the form. Without this data, we will not be able to meet or carry out your specific requirements.
The data received by electronic means, will be registered and processed on magnetic tape only for the period necessary to carry out your request.
We would like to point out that our company has all the logistic means to guarantee the safety of your personal data as per attachment B of Decree 196/2003 (Technical discipline in matters of minimum security).
The data you furnish will be utilized to assess customer, user and account holder satisfaction and will not be communicated to anyone else.
According to law decree 7 of 196/2003, you have the right to:
- Obtain confirmation of receipt of your data in intelligible form , even if it has not yet been registered.
- Obtain information as to where your personal details were found as well as to how they will be utilized and treated.
- Obtain information regarding the treatment of personal data registered by electronic means.
- Obtain identification of the company owner and of the company managers.
- Obtain information regarding persons or groups of people to whom your personal details were given or those who can obtain your data as designed representatives of the State or appointees.
- Obtain data updating, data amendment, or if necessary data integration.
- Obtain cancellation of personal data, the registration in anonymous form, block data used in violation of the law.
- Obtain cancellation of personal data, the registration in anonymous form, block data that is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was initially collected and registered.
- Obtain proof that data updating, amendment, integration and registration in anonymous form have been have been communicated to those in possession of your personal data, except in cases where this is deemed impossible or the means necessary to tutor your rights are totally unfeasible.
- Oppose partially or totally, for legitimate reasons, the treatment of your personal details even if they are still pertinent to data collection.
- Oppose partially or totally, the treatment of your personal data for the purpose of sending you advertising material, for direct sales, market research or sales communications.

To avail yourself of these rights you may contact Mr. Gilberto Roncolato, designated to reply to all access requests of those that entered their personal data, on +39 0444 673514, e-mail address:, postal address at Conceria Errepi s.r.l.

List of appointees in the treatment of personal data

As per law decree 13 of 30 June 2003 n. 196 (relative to the "Code regarding treatment of personal data") we publish the updated list of appointees in the treatment of personal data.
Person in charge:
Mr. Gilberto Roncolato
Tel. +39 0444 673514
Security manager
Mr. Gilberto Roncolato
Tel. +39 0444 673514

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